What we do

In order to drive the changes that are needed to transform our food systems, the Sustainable Food Trust works in three specific areas:

1. Leadership and collaboration

We aim to provide thought-leadership, and support the creation of collaborative partnerships to foster increased cooperation and accelerate the transition needed. Within this programme, we aim to:

  • Develop a global network of individuals and organisations in positions to influence change
  • Build consensus around strategies to enable the transition to more sustainable food systems
  • Bring together groups of individuals to communicate across sectors about the challenges faced and potential solutions

2. Research and policy

We aim to influence, and enable, the necessary policy changes, to deliver effective solutions to the challenges facing our food systems. Within this programme, we aim to:

  • Gather and disseminate the results of high-quality, independent, peer-reviewed science.
  • Commission and communicate independent research, investigating the impact of different farming practices, and the outcomes of sustainable alternatives.
  • Use research to enable a positive policy environment that supports sustainable food production
, and makes a better business case for farmers and food producers.

3. Communications and citizen engagement

We aim to communicate about the issues in creative, engaging ways, which encourage and empower individual and collective action. By harnessing the power of informed public opinion, we hope to drive demand for the necessary change. Within this programme we aim to:

  • Build a new framework for joined-up and effective communication across organisations and sectors
  • Tell inspiring stories of best practise from those creating solutions
  • Build a hub of accessible information that allows individual citizens to inform and educate themselves
  • Generate an active and engaging dialogue on the issues faced and potential solutions, driving key messages up the public agenda and developing dialogue in the media

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