Liz Earle has been a respected name in the world of wellbeing for over 25 years, sharing her knowledge on beauty, food, nutrition and natural health. Her new website,, draws on this experience to provide all you need to eat well, look good and feel great.


In this interview, Patrick Holden speaks to Liz about the new website, her experience as an organic farmer and other exciting upcoming projects.

Liz Earle – Wellbeing "Liz Earle – Wellbeing"

Please note this conversation was recorded over Skype, which is reflected in the sound quality.



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  • Isabel Natrins

    Excellent interview. Liz is absolutely on the same page as myself. I’ve recently established “Once Upon a Cook…Food Wisdom, Better Living” to inspire and teach people to get into the kitchens and cook traditionally grown and produced, real food and to inspire people to want to get into their kitchens and COOK!

    Well done Liz Earle, I whole-heartedly wish you every success!

  • Kim Buckland

    Hi Patrick and Liz, a brilliant interview — extremely inspiring to hear you both talk so passionately about milk and all the issues facing dairy farmers, the environment, our health and so much more. Thank you for everything you are doing, it is so important that we really understand what we are buying so that we can make a considered choice for ourselves and our families. I was very interested to hear you talking about the marketing of milk — I couldn’t agree more how important it is for farmers to tell their story. I thought you’d like to know about the Griffin family on the Isle of Wight who have been passionately farming over 200acres of land since 1923. The great- grandson Paul manages the farm and keeps a herd of 140 Guernsey cows and has won lots of awards including the English Guernsey Cattle Society award for the best performing Guernsey herd in the country, based on total yield of fat and protein per year. They produce around 900,000 litres of unpasteurised ‘Buttercup Milk’ annually. This family farm follows the rhythm of the seasons and supports conservation of the land and they also work very hard to help educate the youngsters on the island through school visits, the community through their Bluebell Farm Shop and Cafe. This is a wonderful example of how one family are telling their story — please take a minute to visit their lovely website!

    Kim Buckland