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Eat the Week

This week: Crossing the malnutrition red line, largest study launched into GMO safety, and Scotland takes hospital food seriously

Sustainable foraging

Ulla Kaja Radeloff shares practical guidelines to ensure that plants popular on the foraging list continue to flourish. Long...

National Food Strategy: Sustainable Food Trust written response

Read our response to the UK National Food Strategy

Farm Walk and Pilgrimage at The Future of UK Farming Conference

A farm walk journeying three miles from the source of the River Dickler, marked the start of the recent Future...

Lexicon of Sustainability

How do you engage people in food issues if they can't understand the basic terms and definitions? The Lexicon...

Cooking the farm

Apply now for Cook the Farm, a 5-week programme exploring Sicilian culture, cuisine and farm-to-table concepts

Press Release: Joint Letter to Michael Gove Urges Action to Save Small Abattoirs

Thirty-four organisations, reflecting a wide range of food, farming, consumer and nature conservation interests have written to Defra’s Secretary...

Letter to political parties: Protect natural capital

A group of organisations has called on the main political parties to do more to protect our natural capital

Anna Rohleder

Anna began writing about sustainability and the food system through a longstanding interest in consumer culture more generally. She...

ORFC 2020: Saving small abattoirs

In our session which took place at the Oxford Real Food Conference 2020 we explore the problems facing the...