Dear friends and supporters,

I thought you might be interested to read the attached report summarising the work and progress of the Sustainable Food Trust during 2013/14.

The organisation has had an exciting year during which we feel we have made significant progress. Highlights include our international True Cost Accounting initiative, especially the Kentucky and London conferences; our support for the development and launch of the Global Alliance for the Future of Food (an international group of funders with an interest in sustainable food systems); our engagement in the debate about matching sustainable agriculture with appropriate diets, specially in relation to the role of ruminants; our emerging focus on the central importance of soil biology and its relationship with the plant, animal and human biome; our advocacy of the adoption and integrated approach to the conservation and development movement; and our ongoing work in the area of antibiotics and endocrine disrupting chemicals on public health; and our steadily growing following of website visitors, newsletter subscribers, and Facebook and Twitter followers.

I believe strongly that the conditions for change are best enabled when individual citizens have an understanding of the issues and feel empowered and inspired to take action.

The Sustainable Food Trust aims to support this theory of change from the ground up and we very much hope that as a subscriber to our newsletter you feel more connected with the issues and empowered to deliver change.

I hope you enjoy reading the report, we always value your feedback about how we can improve our offering.

Wish all best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,


Featured image by Liz West

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