One of the biggest challenges faced by artisan and small scale food producers is navigating the often complex laws surrounding food. What seems reasonable for industrial and commodity producers may become a burden for the small scale producer.

A lawyer and previous director of Slow Food UK, Gerry A. Danby is committed to small scale independent food producers and retailers: “I want to see a change in people’s attitude to food, farming and sustainability, which involves a true appreciation of the journey food takes to reach your plate, a sincere respect for farmers and an understanding that a sustainable food system does not, and cannot, exist in a factory.”

In order to restore some balance, Gerry set up Artisan Food Law, which provides easy access to food law alongside practical advice. The website acts as an advocate for those working with integrity and respect for what nature provides and whose knowledge and skill combine to produce great food.

Their extensive library covers topics ranging from food hygiene and safety, to labelling and advertising. The forum is particularly useful, as it includes information about updates to documents contained in the Artisan Food Law Library. When a document is subject to a significant update, either the law has changed (as it frequently does) or important new information has been added, a brief summary of those changes will appear here, saving you the effort of working out what it is that has changed.

For a small fee, you can receive extra benefits by subscribing, including a monthly news bulletin and access to practical tools, checklists and templates. If you’re struggling to find something, the ‘Ask a Question’ feature allows subscribers to submit an unlimited number of questions, for the time being, and they will do the research for you!

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