Audrey Eyton, the well-known author, dietician and animal welfare campaigner, has died aged 82.

Audrey cared passionately about animal welfare and sustainable and healthy diets. For 15 years, from 1997, she funded Sustainable Food Trust policy director Richard Young to campaign on behalf of the Soil Association against the over use of antibiotics in intensive livestock farming.

Richard said, “We all owe Audrey a huge debt of gratitude. Without her far-sighted support and very sharp media-focused advice, we might never have managed to get the 11 growth promoting antibiotics banned. Without that ban, the antibiotic resistance crisis would be even more serious than it is today.

These antibiotics were added to feed and water without veterinary oversight to make animals grow faster. The industry and the Government fought extremely hard to keep them. Most of them were cross-resistant to hospital drugs of last resort, but Audrey also saw just how they propped up factory farms, which she abhorred.”

The overuse of antibiotics in livestock farming is still a key issue for the Sustainable Food Trust, where the routine preventative administration of these drugs is causing resistance within humans.

The Sustainable Food Trust would like to express our gratitude to Audrey for her lifelong commitment to the cause of animal welfare and her generosity towards our charitable work, and extend our condolences to her family and friends at this time.

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