Want to see sustainable food and farming become more mainstream? Barnraiser, a US based web platform, has created an online community for the millions of sustainably minded people who want to reshape our global food systems.

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Meet the people and the voices in action by exploring some of the stories from the community and supporting the projects that are aiming to make sustainable food and farming a reality.

Crowd funding has taken off in recent years and has been used to fund a whole host of wide ranging projects. Barnraiser has taken things one step further by creating its own crowd funding platform, allowing food and farming innovators to showcase their projects directly to those involved with the food movement.

Recently funded projects include The Future of Meat conference, a summit that will extend the work of The Butcher’s Guild by empowering its members and their networks to become the new standard for meat in the future, giving them the opportunity to learn from experts in the field, share resources and butchery techniques.

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If you’re looking for a current project to support, the Napa Valley Bee Exchange, is looking to create a link between seasoned beekeepers and those who are just starting out. The bee exchange will also support beekeepers in strengthening their local bee genetics, which will hopefully tackle some of the problems facing the European honeybee. Their local hub will educate adults and children on the importance of bees to our future food security. It’s an innovative way of guaranteeing that important knowledge is shared and passed on to the next generation.

By supporting a project, you’ll be helping ensure that sustainable food and farming becomes the standard because ‘when one farmer gets a new barn, the whole community gets better food.’

It’s free to join the Barnraiser community and by becoming a member, you will be able to create a profile and connect with others who share the same interests, whether it’s urban farming or food justice. Visit www.barnraiser.us to get started.

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