In 2013, the Common Agricultural Policy will be renewed and will largely determine the way our food is produced, how the European landscape is shaped and the way our food is distributed. In the first of 6 videoblogs from the Dutch Youth Food Movement they investigate the importance of CAP for every citizen, and encourage us to care.

CAP: Socialisation, Episode 2 Rona and Nils are dairy farmers with very different views on what society expects of them. In this video, we explore questions about the social role of agriculture.

CAP: Animal Welfare, Episode 4 Where do pigs belong? Outside or inside? Do pigs want to lay in the mud all day, or do they want to stay warm and cozy? In this episode we see Jiri Brandt, sausage maker, and Ruud Huls, pig farmer as they talk about the different ways of keeping pigs. 

CAP: Food Security, Episode 5 Fifty years ago the European Common Agricultural Policy developed with the goal of producing enough affordable food for Europe. What’s changed since then? In this footage Joris Baecke, chair of the Young farmers association, Joris Lohman, chair of the Youth Food Movement, and Carlo Petrini look to the fight for our future.

Common Agricultural Policy: What next? In the last episode of the mini-series focusing on Common Agricultural Policy, food activist Samuel Levie visits Secretary of State, Henk Bleker, Minister for Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. With the stories of young farmers on his mind, Samuel talks about the wishes and ideas of young people for building sustainable future food systems, and asks “where do we go from here?”

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