The issue of how to communicate, especially around the true cost of food, is challenging. But as discussions around food and agriculture becomes mainstream, the need to communicate clearly and effectively should be a priority. This session, chaired by Scott Cullen of GRACE Communications Foundation, explores the challenges and opportunities.

Douglas Gayeton, co-founder of the Lexicon of Sustainability, outlines his storytelling tools for creating behaviour change; David Mermin, pollster and political strategist, Lake Research Partners, presents their findings on where the American public stands in their understanding of food policy and food issues; Urvashi Rangan, Consumer Reports, gives a scientific perspective on how to frame messages and conclusions for policy recommendations and press releases and journalist Tom Philpott, Mother Jones, shares his views on how to bring some context back to often polarised debates.

To view David Mermin’s presentation slides, click here.

Photograph: Take Back Your Health

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