For the first time ever, practical cookery has been made compulsory in the UK for all children up to Year 9 in the new national curriculum. The requirement for cookery lessons in schools will come into effect this September, so it’s important that teachers feel empowered to deliver exciting, hands-on, food education to the next generation.


Square Food Foundation, a cookery school, founded by Barny Haughton, and based in Bristol, have been working with schools and the wider community for over fifteen years to deliver cookery and food education. In line with the changes to the national curriculum, they have introduced a specific programme for schools. The programme is designed to fit the needs of your school and can take place over a single term or a whole year. Their holistic approach to food education connects cooking in schools to gardening, school dinners and children cooking at home.

The programme will include a school specific action plan and evaluation, in depth training for teachers in delicious, healthy cooking, and include: safety, hygiene, logistical planning and curriculum integration, whole school assembly presentations, newsletters with recipes and photos to go home to families. Not to mention advice, on-going support, and  the opportunity for all students to engage in hands on food activities.

Highlighted in the curriculum is the importance of ‘instilling a love of cooking’ in pupils from a young age and we can think of no-one else better placed to do that! For more information on how to get your school involved, contact Square Food Foundation, here.

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