David Wilson talks about British farmingSFT Chief Executive, Patrick Holden sits down with David Wilson, farm manager for the Prince of Wales, to discuss important issues affecting British farming and farming worldwide in the 21st century.

At our recent London conference on the true cost of food, David Wilson made the point that British farming is ‘on it’s knees.’ This is the first in a series of conversations about how  farmers and  farming can respond to climate change, food security and the ongoing degradation of the environment.  The  farming community need to exchange ideas and find ways to move towards sustainability as a matter of survival, so how  can this dialogue be encouraged? How do we break down barriers between farmers, like that between ‘organic’ and  ‘conventional’? Can we create a set of shared values that all farmers can feel good about as they adopt sustainable  practices?


David Wilson and Patrick Holden "David Wilson and Patrick Holden"

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