This is the first of the Edible School Yard Project’s extremely successful Edible Education 101 series – one of the most highly subscribed university courses in the US.

Tracing the food system through the rise of industrial agriculture the course introduces students and guest attendees to some current and controversial ideas about the future of food. The Edible Education lecture series hosts conversations with many of the leaders of the food movement in Berkeley, the United States, and around the world.

Where better than to start then, than with Carlo Petrini, the founder and president of the International Slow Food Movement. For over twenty years Petrini has been working to promote local communities of farmers and artisan food producers throughout the world. Introduced by Nikki Henderson and accompanied by Corby Kummer, Petrini shares his views on the global food movement, its future and the huge challenges that it faces.

Please note this lecture lasts for 80 minutes, so grab a notebook, make a cup of tea, pull up a chair and get ready to be inspired!

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