Our series of films featuring Joel Salatin continues with the second session from our event at Fir Farm in Gloucestershire, which took place from 24th – 25th November, 2016. In the first session we explored how to take sustainable livestock production from theory to practice. This second session looks at the importance of on-farm processing in a vertically integrated system and features opening remarks from Joel followed by talks by Nina Purcell of the Food Standards Agency, Sustainable Food Trust Chairman Thomas Harttung of Aartisderne and Christine Page of Smiling Tree Farm.

Joel talks about how the safety of food is being confused with the sterility of food, and how this is impacting farmers; Nina talks about the role of the Food Standards Agency and how they hope to educate consumers about the risks of food; Thomas speaks about his experiences in Denmark, setting up a vertically integrated food business; and Christine explains how small-scale on-farm processing is vital for her farm in Shropshire.

You can read more about Christine’s farm here, and you can find out more about Nina’s work and her thoughts on future regulation here.

You can also view a film of the public meeting held in Bristol, featuring Joel Salatin, Tara Garnett, Simon Crichton, Mark Eisler and Zoe Harcombe, here.

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