Farmers have to contend with numerous obstacles, including accessing land, harsh weather conditions, not to mention figuring out how to turn all that hard work into profit. When it comes to equipment and tools, one group is encouraging farmers to take matters into their own hands.

Founded in 2010 by a group of start-up farmers, Farm Hack is an innovative idea that encourages communities and farmers to develop, document and build their own tools for resilient agriculture. Unlike mainstream agricultural research and development, which tries to solve problems with a top-down approach, often involving chemicals and energy intensive inputs, Farm Hack takes a different approach, by helping farmers to become better inventors by developing tools that are affordable, adaptable, easy to fix, and in-line with the scale and ethics of their sustainable family farms.

They accelerate this process by connecting farmers with other farmers, engineers, designers and architects who can offer their knowledge and skills, either through events or through their online forum. The emphasis is on idea sharing that is completely open source. Their fantastic website allows you to contribute, or to learn from the forum and explore the innovative ideas of other users in the tools directory.

Join the community by visiting or find out more by watching the video below.

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