Have you ever attended a conference and found yourself wishing that you could have an in depth conversation with one of the panelists? Of course you have. When I was in the audience at the Sustainable Food Trust’s recent conference in San Francisco that thought was constant. Over a hundred experts, most whom could have been keynote speakers in their own right, gave us all food for thought.

Fortunately, films of the presentations are available to watch online if you missed them in person; but that doesn’t change the fact that we often want to hear more than was in the presentation. The Farm To Table Talk podcast features a selection of the True Cost of American Food participants so you can tune into a broader conversation whenever is convenient.

The first five podcasts cover health, sustainability and hidden costs. The line up includes Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface farm, advising farmers, consumers and grandparents; Anne Schwartz, who shares the organic farmer attendee’s perspective; Urvashi Rangan, Consumers Union, on trust and the issues and perspectives that informed consumers care about; Bob Martin, Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, on why he sees a reason for optimism; and Patrick Holden clarifies the vision about food’s True Cost and how the goals for change will be met.

From my experience of over 30 years working with food and agriculture globally, it is clear that farmers and consumers largely share the belief that there truly needs to be continued improvement. I have launched the Farm To Table Talk podcast to facilitate conversation about those ideas. Farm To Table Talk will continue to feature voices from the True Cost Conference over the coming months. If you appreciate hearing these voices, please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to listen regularly on SoundCloud, iTunes or Stitcher.

Photograph: Bill Dickinson

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