Farmerama is back for another month to share the voices of smaller-scale farmers from the UK and beyond. From seeds on film to secret sauces, in this episode Farmerama journeys over valley and vale to bring you interesting ideas and experiments that are emerging in the smaller-scale farming world.

The Soil Association’s Ben Raskin chats to Nick Bell about a wonderful new series of short educational films, From Seed to Seed. The films are a seed saving resource that beautifully animate the steps required to effectively produce seeds for 32 different types of vegetable plus more general seed-saving principles.

Grower Hannah Schlotter digs into the health benefits and economics of care farming with Rachel Bragg, Development Coordinator at Care Farming UK. Care farming is yet another way for farms to contribute to the community and bring pleasure to people’s lives. The discussions also delve into the financial benefits of care farming both to farmers but also society at large.

Long-time organic farmer Ian ‘Tolly’ Tolhurst talks us through the highs and lows of wood chip composts after his participation in an early Innovative Farmers field research programme. We love that he also throws in some stories of mid-winter salad experiments along the way.

And I take time out from my work with Chilean farmers, to report from my family’s farm about a delicious, versatile and enterprising but little known secret sauce.

Unlike other radio shows, Farmerama is unusual in that it is crowd-sourced. That means we source most of our content from farmers and growers around the country who send in ‘homemade’ recordings about interesting experiments or projects going on in the field. We would love to hear from more of you, so any stories – however big or small – please do send them our way. It’s easy! All you need is a phone with a recorder (most smartphones have one) and to be able to follow a few tips from us on how to get a good recording.

You can listen to the latest episode on our site or download it from iTunes here. You can also keep up to date with the latest from us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

As ever please share Farmerama with anyone you think would enjoy it! Let’s knit an ever-wider web of people who understand the importance and resilience of smaller-scale farming.

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