We have passed the darkest day here in the UK, every new day now eeks out a few more moments of light. To tide us over this month, we have some slightly longer stories for you from three young farmers scattered across the globe.

First up, is young Welsh biodynamic farmer Dave Morris. He grows and makes natural wine at Ancre Hill Estates in Monmouthshire in Wales. Biodynamic farming is often seen as esoteric but Dave makes it all fairly straightforward and sensible. To get a biodynamic certification you must prepare and use both the 500 and 501 sprays. Preparation 500 is an animal horn manure and Preparation 501 is animal horn silica. Dave explains how he uses each in the vineyard.

We hear from Jaume Pretel, a chicken farmer in Catalonia who is experimenting with different ways of having happy hens and making a living, trying everything from being the ‘egg man’ to making chicken soup.

Finally, Ari de Leña is the owner-operator of community-supported Kamayan Farm, near Seattle. As well as being a farmer, Ari is also an educator with a focus on the land and plants as medicine.

For the year ahead we’re excited to hear more stories from the fields. What’s important to you? We make Farmerama to share knowledge amongst the independent farming community so if you’ve got a story for us, do let us know.

A very happy new year to you all!

This episode was produced by Katie Revell, Jo Barratt and Abby Rose. Thanks to Joel Rodker for sending in the story about Catalonian chickens and to Annie Landless for all her support on social media.

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