This month we celebrate the dawn of spring, as we bring you stories from many different communities across the UK. Muhsen Hassanin of Abraham Organics, a specialist Halal and Tayyib meat supplier, gives us the low-down on halal and the meat they supply to the Muslim community in London. We hear how the Open Food Network (OFN) works from OFN UK head Lynne Davis, and farmer Mark Harrison at Stroud Community Agriculture tells us how they are using OFN to expand their business and reduce waste from surplus crops. We also hear clever tips from Ed Hamer at Chagfood CSA in Devon, about growing great veg on the wild exposed moors (especially in the face of unpredictable British weather). Finally, Ben Raskin of the Soil Association and CSA Network UK, hears from Plotgate CSA growers about the manual tools they are crafting to support people caring for the land.

Thanks for listening and supporting the smaller-scale farming community – it’s an exciting time for the future of farming!

Thanks this month to Ben Raskin for sending us some great recordings, and to co-host Nigel Akehurst for his East Sussex wisdom. This episode was produced by Jo Barratt, Abby Rose and Katie Revell.

Photograph: Open Food Network

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