Episode 36 has just been released. This month we hear from Jackie Stroud, a soil scientist at Rothamsted Research; she is renowned in the UK farming community as ‘The Worm Lady’. She runs a citizen science project called #60minworms to encourage farmers to count the number, and most importantly, the types of worms in their soil. Jackie talks us through the different types of worms and why each one is important. Learn how to identify worms with her wonderfully simple quiz and get involved in the next #60minworms this September.

Greg Judy is an enthusiastic mob grazer based in Missouri. He talks to us about getting animals back on the land and building biodiversity in grasslands, including the importance of cow pats, all with the goal of increasing the long-term viability of your farm. You can hear the full interview with him on this month’s ‘Short’.

Then we head over to California for thoughts on regenerative agriculture from long-time vintner Paul Dolan who runs the Dark Horse Vineyard and Farming Company, a biodynamic enterprise based in Mendocino County. He tells us about some different experiments he is doing looking at water availability for his dry-farmed vines.

Finally, we dip into the ‘Free Range Families’ initiative at Jubilee Farm in Northern Ireland. Last month, they hosted the intriguingly named “Bioblitz” festival. Farmer Jonny Hansen tells us about the festival and speaks to GROW Wild manager Stephanie Bain about Free Range Families.

We are also very excited to announce our new supporters Rebel Kitchen! Their mission is to redefine health through food, business and beyond. As we have heard from many people, health starts on the farm. It’s so important to have food companies actively supporting and engaging with the farming community – connecting up the dots for the wellbeing of humans and the earth.

One last thing, please do head to our Soundcloud to tune into the audio-diary of grower Joel Rodker, as he works to set up his first Market Garden. Joel would love suggestions and encouragement in the comments!

This show was produced by Abby Rose, Katie Revell and Jo Barratt. Additional reporting this week came from Jonny Hansen at Jubilee Farm. Social media is managed by Annie Landless and our theme music is by Owen Barratt.




Photo Credit: Paul Dolan 

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