This month, we dip into the wonderful world of agroforestry. John Tucker, Head of Woodland Creation at The Woodland Trust talks us through the different types of support they offer to farmers that are planting and managing trees on their farm. We also hear from farmers who have already taken advantage of this help: first up are Paul and Nicole Renison, sheep farmers in Cumbria, who have about 50 new trees and lots of new hedges through the Trust’s agroforestry scheme. Next, we hear from David Brass at Lakes Free Range who planted trees almost 10 years ago on his chicken farm and says his tree investment paid back within a year.

Abby reports from an event in California celebrating women’s leadership in farming. We hear from the organiser, Caiti Hachmyer of Red H Farm, about the importance of hearing a diverse set of voices from the farming community, as well as her thoughts on land tenure in the US.

Finally, we have the first in a series of dispatches from a young farmer, Joel Rodker, who’s setting up a new market garden, from the ground up, in a sharing agreement at Whitehall Farm in Cambridgeshire, with farmers Stephen and Lynne Briggs.

This episode was made by Abby Rose, Jo Barratt and Katie Revell. Thank you to Joel Rodker for contacting us and sending in his report, and thanks also to Annie Landless and everyone else who helps out behind the scenes in big and small ways – and of course to all of our guests. We’re looking forward to sharing more stories with you next month from fields and barns across the country and around the world.

Photograph: Ian Fletcher

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