We are at a crossroads in British food and farming history, so this month we begin to probe the post-Brexit discussion. We hear a few candid kitchen-table chats with different farm families, including Ed Hamer, grower at Chagfood and policy person at Land Workers Alliance, long-time organic farmers Adrian and Melanie Steele and Farmerama co-founder, Nigel Akehurst’s, mum and dad.

Soil tests are untangled: the hidden truths behind conventional soil tests is revealed after National Trust Farmer Richard Morris raises some questions when the worrying tests tell a different story to the healthy crop. Luckily, Innovation for Agriculture soil-man Stephen Briggs has the answer for us all.

We learn about the new practical knowledge sharing platform Agricology, which bridges the gap between science and what really happens on the farm. Plus, we hear about one of the projects they feature on their site: Fit for the Future Network, a network that shares experiences of renewable energy between newcomers and people or institutions with established projects.

Future Farmer Amy Franceschini tells us about the heritage seeds headed from Norway to the Middle East, returning to their homeland on an artistic voyage of discovery, in the Seed Journey.

This is the beginning. We all need to sow the seeds of an agricultural policy that leads to a positive food and farming future in the UK.

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We are always looking for more contributors, ideas, anecdotes or stories from farmers and their friends all over – so please do get in touch if you have something you want to share!

Photograph: Susanne Nilsson

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