“The snackerel spring, the stags cairn, the sows bog and the root bog of the wolf. The wolves are playing the wolves are gone the burn flows on.” Place names and what they mean intermingle with the voices of the rural economy in the latest Farmerama episode.

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The Farmerama family is ever-growing, artist Alec Finlay whose eco-poetic words you just read, sets the tone for this month’s adventures with his eco-poetry and the lineage of landscapes echoing throughout the episode. Alec’s performance is part of our report on Soil City at Glasgow International Festival, designed to reimagine the city as if soil matters. Clem Sandison tells us why the Open Jar Collective created Soil City for Glasgow, and Rebecca Chan chats to Severine von Taschen Fleming who led a Farmhack planning night for the Scottish contingent.

Ben pays a visit to the glasshouses at Hankham Organics for the Organic Growers Alliance AGM, Pete takes us on a tour of these glass giants and Kate Collyns lets us in on what being part of Organic Growers Alliance has meant for her.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 20.18.45Lambs-a-plenty over at Hockham Farm mean that Nigel is on duty day and night, luckily we do get to hear his voice among the masses at the Farmers For Action March in London. He reports as farmers from all over the country downed their tools to spend hours travelling on buses and trains in order to make their voices heard. 

Keesje Crawford-Avis brings to light how important the Scottish Enterprise Rural Leadership Programme has been for herself and other graduates, and Hannah brushes the soil from her hands just long enough to have a chat with Shelagh Martin, for the latest from the Dagenham farm.

Thanks also to David Szesztay for the beautiful notes guiding us through all these voices and to Olga who made the recordings of Alec at Soil City and sent them our way. What a wonderful bunch of people bringing Farmerama to life this month!

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Please share Farmerama with anyone you think would enjoy it! Let’s knit an ever wider web of people who understand the importance and resilience of smaller-scale farming. We are always looking for more contributors, ideas, anecdotes or stories from farmers and their friends – so please do get in touch if you have something you want to share!

Photographs: Steph French and Farmerama

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