We’ve now been following the nitty gritty of the smaller-scale farming world for one whole year. We’ve chanced upon and dug up so many stories and met many inspirational farmers and growers. The podcast has spiralled from a discussion over dinner, into an adventure uncovering different ideas, perspectives and techniques along the way. We’ve had lots of great support from people like the Sustainable Food Trust – so thank you all so much.

In this episode we head back to Utah, this time for a garlic special in the Wasatch mountains at Sandhill Farms. They grow over 50 types of garlic and share tips of how to grow garlic yourself. Hannah hears inspiring stories from a Grown in Dagenham trainee about the importance of farming opportunities for her life. Diverse cropping is on the cards, as we learn of long-established Mexican intercropping methods and companion cropping closer to home with Jake Freestone. Finally we hear from new reporter Phil, as he chats to one of his small-farm heroes, Chris Smaje of the blog small farm future, about neo-peasant politics.

You can listen below or subscribe on tuneIn or iTunes. Please share Farmerama with anyone you think would enjoy it! Let’s knit an ever wider web of people who understand the importance and resilience of smaller-scale farming. Plus we are always looking for more contributors, ideas, anecdotes or stories from farmers and their friends all over – so please do get in touch if you have something you want to share!

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