Episode 33 of Farmerama is out! This month we have a political focus but still manage to squeeze in some brilliant stories of food, soil and microbes. First, we share some personal stories from a ‘kitchen table talk’, on what good food means to the people of Scotland. These talks are a way of enabling the public to feed their ideas into the Good Food Nation Bill. You can hear more about this initiative from Nourish Scotland in this Short.

Next, we hop over to Jersey to hear from young farmer Justin Le Gresley, at Anneville Farm, about their first attempt to produce potatoes and vegetables with zero external inputs. He shares how they’re using microscopes and compost extracts to build bacterial and fungal populations in an innovative approach to growing the island’s favourite potato, the Jersey Royal.

Then, we have an update from Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy at City University London, in conversation with reporter Marianne Landzettel on ‘Green Brexit’ and trade deals.

Also, we’re happy to revisit Jubilee Farm in Northern Ireland, to hear an update on their CSA; and head farmer Jonny Hanson chats to Dr. Jude Stephens, a smallholder-turned-lecturer at Queens University Belfast, about the promise of Pig Clubs. Intrigued? We are!

The show ends with a catchy tune from the bee-lievers – ooh Mr Gove, we sincerely hope you’re listening.

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