Farmerama continues to share stories of experimentation – growers, farmers and food producers doing things a little bit differently.

This month, hear from farmers who have gone against the grain to work with the landscapes around them. The tables are turned for urban grower Hannah Schlotah, as Alice Holden discovers Hannah’s work with children in London and just what it takes to earn a living as a grower. Scottish children also feature as Ruth from Harris Farm Meats gets giddy about her goats. John and Joanna Cherry from Hertfordshire share what it takes to regenerate soils after many years of conventional farming, using a combination of no-till, mob-grazing and herbal leys. And we have more poetry for you this month, as Dani Pandolfi and Sarah McCreadie wrap their heads around roast dinners and what it means to eat meat.

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Photograph: Joseph Sarah

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