Here at the Sustainable Food Trust we understand the importance of having a professional website to promote our work and to engage more parties in our projects. One key aspect of our website is the inclusion of high quality images alongside our articles, which can help to attract readers and to inspire action.

In 2014 a locally based photographer in the UK, Steph French, generously gave some of her time to take photographs for us. She visited a number of sustainably operated farms across the UK to which we had been able to introduce her. Steph then provided us with a selection of the images for our exclusive use, in return using some other images for her own work. These images have featured regularly as banners on our website articles over the past 18 months and have even featured on the Sustainable Food Trust’s Christmas card for the past two years.


Steph has now offered to give us more of her time this year in order to refresh and augment our image bank. We are very keen to take advantage of this offer as using images from our own bank is much more efficient and cost-effective than sourcing elsewhere.

We are thus on the search for sustainably run farms which would provide interesting photo opportunities – crops, livestock and mixed farms are all of interest, and operations both large and small: community run schemes, family farms and niche projects, basically any food production system that is working with sustainable principles at its core.

Even overseas farms may be of interest if Steph can reach you on a low budget as she can often find a way to combine a visit with other work.

There is no need to commit time to accompany Steph on her visit, unless you so wish. She is quite happy left to her own devices, and in fact feels she can produce her best images when allowed quiet time to formulate ideas and patiently await the right activity or light. If there is anything that you would not wish included in the work than Steph can easily work within your guidelines.

If you would be happy for Steph to spend a few hours on site taking photographs of your farm, or related operation, then please do get in touch by emailing

You can take a look as Steph’s work at and also contact her directly via her website should you have any questions.

Photographs: Steph French

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