In recent years, media coverage of Greece has been less than positive, with images of protests, along with reports of rising levels of unemployment and poverty becoming all too common. But is there some light at the end of the tunnel? The economic crisis has led to unemployed people finding work in alternative places – by returning to the land.

In this award winning series of videoblogs from Pavlos Georgiadis, he explores a ‘southern’ perspective of agriculture and the Common Agricultural Policy. Asking questions about the challenges faced by young farmers in Greece today, the effect of the economic crisis on the food security of Greece and what impact it has on the environment and the landscape.

Pavlos combines beautiful images of the Greek countryside and showcases some of the incredible produce it has to offer. Through his interviews with farmers and producers, he captures the efforts made by individuals supporting themselves through this difficult time.

Born and raised in Alexandroupoli, Greece, Pavlos Georgiadis is the founder of the Convivium Slow Food Thrace , Greece Coordinator of the Slow Food Youth Network and European Outreach Coordinator of nourish9billion. In his free time, he enjoys taking care of his family’s ancient olive grove and growing plants under the warm Greek sun.

Episode 1: Food Security Pavlos meets two young producers, one urban gardener and a chef to discuss how the choices of everyone involved in the agricultural process, both consumers and producers, are influencing the future of our food.

Episode 2: Young Farmers Pavlos meets three young producers and a market specialist to discover the opportunities but also the challenges of youth entrepreneurship in the Greek countryside.

Episode 3: Environment Pavlos meets two young cattle farmers, a vegetable producer and a seed saver to discuss the issues at stake.

Episode 4: Epilogue Pavlos meets Prof. Athanasios Tsaftaris, the Minister of Rural Development & Food, representing Greece in the negotiations for the reform of the new Common Agricultural Policy.

Photograph by Alistair Ford

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