FarmLogs is an innovative new start-up, providing software that makes farming more efficient and profitable. Their online tool allows farmers to create better records and in turn, enables them to plan for the future.

The people behind FarmLogs understand the importance of agriculture, having grown up on family farms or in farming communities, and passionately believe that farms deserve better software. As Co-Founder Jesse explains, “Farms across the nation have been waiting too long for software tools to help manage their businesses. While all sorts of other industries have been benefiting from innovative technology that helps them make advancements in efficiency, American farmers have been stuck managing their operations in spreadsheets and on paper.”

This is where FarmLogs comes in. By signing up, you’ll immediately be able to input and access a whole range of information. For example, as soon as you create a field on FarmLogs, they will add eight years of crop history and rainfall data, so you can easily see how your field is performing, by comparing yields, costs and time put into each field.

Other features include satellite mapping and field performance, giving farmers to have a clear picture of how well their crops have performed and why. Looking for the best price for your crops? Their market feature provides interactive graphs, charts and local buyer prices all in one place.

Better still, it’s available in both desktop and mobile versions so farmers can access data whether they’re in the office or out in the field.

For up to 1000 acres and only one user, you can sign up for free, giving you access to rainfall monitoring, local market pricing, activity logging, inventory tracking, crop planning, basic weather and mobile access.

For more than 1000 acres, and to share with employees, prices start at $29 a month. To find out more visit

Photograph by Timothy Crawshaw

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