Patrick Holden and Owsley Brown in discussion at the 2014 Festival of Faiths

The pace of life in our post-industrial society means that there is often more going on than we can digest. We know that we are reaching the tipping point of climate change, running low on natural resources and facing ecosystem collapse. We know that there are small changes in our lives that we could make, and yet we are often overwhelmed by speed, scale, complexity, competing demands and conflicting evidence on the best path to take.

Connecting human mindfulness with human and environmental health, Patrick Holden, Chief Executive of the Sustainable Food Trust, and Owsley Brown III, chair of Festival of Faiths, discuss the relationship between Earth and self. Moving through discussions on antibiotic resistance, soil fertility, GMOs, the human biome and farming systems, Patrick argues that spirituality in the widest sense can not only remind us of our connection to the planet and each other, but that it can also be a great tool for moving us forward in the quest for more sustainable food systems. They demonstrate that consideration of the spiritual is a useful tool for the kind of systemic thinking needed to approach global environmental issues, and an empowering way to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the scale of the challenges we face.

To watch the full interview, click here.

Feature image by Tray Ratcliff

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