Follow This Food is a new app and project hoping to make it easier for consumers to trace the food they buy, all the way from farm to plate. The aim of the project is to get everyone more engaged in where their food comes from and ultimately create a greater appreciation for those who produce it.


Wherever you see the Follow This Food label, simply scan it into your phone using the unique QR code, or input the code into their website, and you will have access to a range of information and various details of the links in the supply chain. In the case of meat, Follow This Food will show you the story of the butcher, the abattoir and the farmer and may also include information on the breed of the animal, how many miles it has travelled and the methods of production used. As the site continues to expand, the developers hope to add other features, such as recipe ideas.

Follow This Food was created by the folks at Agrantec, a collective of farming and telecommunication professionals, who used their knowledge of farming and the food chain to create something that allows consumers to understand how our food moves along the supply chain.

If you’re a butcher, farmer or restaurant owner, differentiate yourself from the market by joining Follow This Food. Each entry provides a page within the Follow This Food website, allowing customers explore the products that they offer and the story that lies behind them.

Whilst it’s brilliant that new technology exists in the market that allows consumers to be more connected to where their food comes from, it’s still important to ‘shake the hand that feeds you’ by creating personal relationships with the people that produce our food by visiting local farmers’ markets, butchers and greengrocers.

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