“How can farmers maintain integrity while expanding their  markets?” and “Are a new set of sustainability metrics needed to measure products?” were some of the key questions asked during this panel discussion which took place at Fir Farm from 24th – 25th November, 2016 on marketing opportunities for sustainable livestock products.  This is the final film in a series of four about the Sustainable Food Trust’s events with Joel Salatin on the topic of sustainable livestock.

This film captures a lively discussion chaired by Nessie Reid of the Oxford Real Farming Conference. Lord Newborough of Rhug Estate describes how he has successfully marketed his livestock products to a niche international market, as well as having booming local demand at the same time. Tim Field of Daylesford Organics explains how communicating an undiluted version of the story and passion of the farm is vital for its marketing strategies. Tim also tells how Agricology, a new platform for sustainable practical farming, is important for getting the messages out. John Meadely of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association tells the story of the ‘Pasture for Life‘ label and its ambitions to move beyond direct sales to developing supply chains.

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