The choices we make when it comes to the food we buy can have a big impact on both our health and the planet. Friends of the Earth are asking people to adopt a healthy, greener diet, by eating less meat & processed food, eating more fruit and vegetables, and buying seasonally and locally.

One of their key messages is to reduce the amount of meat in our diets. There’s no need to give up your favourite foods, but it might be time for some compromise. The production of meat and dairy contributes to around 18% of our greenhouse gas emissions, while a huge amount of agricultural land is used to raise animals for food. Not to mention, a shift to a diet lower in meat could prevent 45,000 deaths a year in the UK alone. By eating better meat, less often, we can significantly improve our health and the health of the planet.

To help people along the way, Friends of the Earth have created an Eat Smart Action Pack, which contains practical information for communities, groups, individuals and businesses to promote healthier, sustainable diets. Not only does the pack contain practical measures to support the transition to a more sustainable diet, such as nutritional information and recipes, it also suggests ways of engaging those around you.

The guide is separated into three sections, targeting individuals and community groups, transition towns, and events or festival organisers. There are hints and tips about eating better that you can talk about with your friends and family, such as ways to reduce food waste and how to shop smart on a budget, as well as ideas for wider local activities.

The pack also contains useful graphics, such as a guide to plant based protein, a seasonal eating calendar and an infographic that can be printed as a poster and shared at events.

To get started, access the Eat Smart Action Pack for free, here.

Feature image by Ken Hawkins

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