How can we harness the power of the market to drive change? Chaired by angel investor, Ali Partovi, this session looks into how and why investors are beginning to move away from big industry in favour of companies and projects that deliver environmental and social benefits. How can we convince large banks and businesses to do the same? Can we demonstrate that sustainable agriculture is actually more profitable in the long run?

Speakers include Libby Bernick from Trucost, who explores recent trends amongst investors, Randy Hayes, Foundation Earth, outlines the importance of working with institutions like the World Bank and providing data to incentivise sustainable investment, Craig Wichner, describes Farmland LP’s rationale for converting conventional farmland to certified organic, Mariela Cedeño of Mandela MarketPlace, outlines new loan models helping low income groups develop sustainable food systems, and Woody Tasch, founder of Slow Money, discussing the key differences between global versus local investment.

Click on the following speakers to view their presentation slides for this session: Craig WichnerMariela Cedeño, Woody Tasch.

Photograph: Gemma Billings

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