Have you ever heard of the Aubrac? Situated on a volcanic granitic plateau, it is a region found in the heart of the uplands of the Aveyron and is abundant with treasures of cheese, meat and charcuterie, authentic knives and traditional dishes…

This lively territory also houses the most talented ambassadors of Aveyronnaise gastronomy: Michel and Sébastien Bras.

A restaurant set in the ‘middle of nature’ since 1999, the three Michelin starred ‘Suquet’ bears witness to a wide expanse of earth and sky. The all-glass dining room overlooks the countryside allowing one to enter into the natural beauty of the surroundings, whilst being protected from its ruggedness and austerity. Everything here reminds visitors of the terroir of Aubrac while the attitude of the staff remains serene and peaceful. The menu faithfully reflects the gastronomic culture of the local area, and reveals a respect for the seasons and the life-cycle of the environment.

With their own garden and close relationships with local market gardeners, the cuisine of Michel and Sébastien benefits from an unrivalled freshness of raw materials. Each morning, Michel picks fresh herbs and buys vegetables at the local market, which make up the essence of a dish borrowed and re-invented all across the world – the Gargouillou. This simple combination of 60 garden vegetables, herbs and flowers, is considered to be a reflection of the rich flora and fauna meadows. In it’s celebration of biodiversity, this dish shows a conscientious observation and representation of the region. The Gargouillou also highlights a desire to savour taste, diversity and difference.

The experience of discovering exceptional cuisine linked to a unique landscape is an excellent way to understand the wishes of a family to valorise a region. Do not hesitate to visit this delightful place and enjoy an experience that you will never forget.

Menu légumes – Vegetables Menu

Le Gargouillou de jeunes légumes, graines et herbes / The Gargouillou with young vegetables, grains and herbs

Les betteraves du moment, crues, en papillote, poêlée / Beetroots of the moment, raw, in a baking parchment parcel, pan-fried

Purée de butternuts au sucre noir / Butternut puree with black sugar

Recto-verso de cèpes, assaisonnement à la graine de lin / Double-sided boletus, dressed with flaxseed

Chou-rave doré à l’orange confite / Glaze kohlrabi with candied orange

Boeuf-Aubrac, pure-race, poêlé / Pure-bred Aubrac-Beef, pan-fried

Le biscuit tiède à la pulpe de rhubarbe / Tepid cake with rhubarb pulp

Sucrine de Berry pochée, gelée de mûres / Poached Berry Sucrine, blackberry jelly

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