We all learn in many different kinds of ways. What we learn in school is very different from what we learn through hands-on projects, apprenticeships or through life experiences. Project World School is premised on the value of informal learning and what can be taken away from communal experiences and meaningful personal exchange between a group of individuals. The Project develops temporary learning communities that bring young people together for rich and diverse educational experiences, taking the world as its classroom and creating powerful culturally immersive experiences for self-directed teens and young people, 15 – 25 years old.

This summer Project World School International Retreat comes to the wilds of West Wales, where young people will focus on developing the skills needed to sustain themselves and to sustain the planet. Hosted by Troed y Rhiw Organics, they will have an experience of off-grid living, learn to build a straw bale roundhouse, spend time working on the farm and learning about organic agriculture, forage for wild food and try their hand at beekeeping. They will also hear wonderful stories of Welsh culture, through local storytellers and their tales of the surrounding countryside. Reconnecting with the land is a critical part of the experience as well as cooking and eating communal meals from fresh picked farm produce. Food feeds body, mind and spirit and builds the bonds of friendship.

Project World School was founded by Lainie Liberti and her son Miro Siegal after spending seven years travelling the globe in a process of ‘worldschooling’. Lainie’s ongoing blog over this time Raising Miro details their experiences and its value to both parent and child. Together the two have become advocates of ‘life learning’ at any age, promoting the value of real live experience.

If you are interested in joining the Wales International Retreat, find out more information and apply here.

Photograph: Ryan

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