The Regrarians are committed to enhancing the earth’s ecosystems through employing the principles of regenerative agriculture. Founded by Darren Doherty, a pioneer in permaculture design, the group aims to repair the damage done by industrial agriculture, particularly to our soils. Following a suggestion from a workshop participant back in 2007, it has now launched an online training platform.

Regrarians ONline gives users the opportunity to learn from some of the best practitioners of regenerative agriculture. It offers live, interactive sessions on a range of topics, including climate, geography, water, access, forestry, buildings, fences, soil, energy and the economy.

Users can complete an online professional development course by following the modules offered within the training platform from start to finish. The platform also supports peer-to-peer learning by bringing together practitioners in specific workshops to share ideas and skills. Business leaders can also connect with each other on the site to enhance their professional development.

The training sessions are available either free of charge or for a very small fee ($5–10 per session). In the interests of transparency, Regrarians ONline share how payments are split between trainers and the Regrarians.

Recordings of past courses will soon be available to access on the website. Sign up to the Regrarians newsletter to find out when new sessions become available.

Photograph: Brian Boucheron

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