The number of young people choosing to enter the world of agriculture is dwindling, only 7 percent of all farmers in the EU are below the age of 35. Yet, despite increases in land prices, and huge difficulties in accessing capital, funds and information, there are still a growing number of young people willing to buck the trend.

Future Farmers in the Spotlight aims to encourage new blood into agricultural industries by sharing the stories of young farmers from across Europe, who have have managed to set up initiatives that are both innovative and sustainable. The project is run by Joris van der Kamp and Juliane Haufe, who both have a wealth of experience and knowledge behind them. Joris is currently involved in research & development projects on sustainable agricultural practices, while Juliane has recently successfully finished training in bio-dynamic agriculture at Warmonderhof, the Netherlands.

To watch more of their inspiring videos, visit and follow them on twitter @Future_Farmers

Peasant farming in Ireland Emanuela Russo and Fergal Anderson moved to Ireland to start a small vegetable farm and produce food for their local community. In this video, they share their experiences of meeting indigenous farmers on their travels in South America and the importance of food sovereignty.

Krispijn van den Dries: Biodynamic farmer, activist and entrepreneur Due to his love of working with plants and animals, becoming a farmer was the next logical step for Krispjin. Here, he reveals how he has managed to stand out in the market and created a more direct and personal connection between consumers and the farmers that produce their food.

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