Covid-19 has disrupted our food supply systems in a way that no one could have predicted. However, some incredible organisations across the UK and around the world have stepped up to meet the challenge. We will be sharing some of the most innovative and exciting examples in order to amplify their work and help to relocalise our food systems. If you come across any particularly interesting examples of how food businesses are adapting to this new challenge, please share them with us at

We begin by sharing five of our favourite websites that are responding to the crisis and are working across the whole of the UK to support farmers and growers, consumers and retailers.

Farms to Feed Us

This database highlights the small-scale food producers across the UK who will be able to supply consumers with fresh produce that has been grown in a resilient farming system. Many of the producers on the database had previously exclusively supplied restaurants and have had to completely redesign their business to adapt to the changing reality of covid-19.

Open Food Network

This platform allows farmers to sell their produce online at a fair price, directly to customers. It allows food producers to curate their own shop, collect payments and connect to new markets. The innovative Communities option allows producers to collaborate together to create a virtual farmers market, which will be essential since many farmers markets have been forced to close due to social distancing concerns.

Big Barn

Enter your postcode and this website gives you a map of your local area, marking all of the places that support sustainable local agriculture. It also has an online shop filled with sustainable British products to help to survive the lockdown and helps make it more affordable with daily offers from individual producers.

Farmer’s Weekly Market Map

Many of us rely on Farmer’s Weekly to keep us up-to-date with agricultural news. In the covid crisis, they have used their network to build a map of farm shops across the UK that remain open despite the lockdown so that consumers can support their local retailers. The team behind  are encouraging other businesses to get in touch so they can be added to the map.

Organic Growers Alliance, Land Workers Alliance and Community Supported Agriculture

This Google spreadsheet might be less swishy than some of the others we have mentioned but it might be the most helpful. It allows individual businesses that are looking for new routes to market to share what produce they currently have available. There is also offers for business support and growers who are looking for work.

Photograph: WordRidden

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