Do livestock hold the key to a healthy planet and population? Co-hosted by University of Bristol Cabot Institute and the Sustainable Food Trust, this event in Bristol on 23rd November will discuss the challenges facing our current food system and why a transition back towards sustainably managed mixed farming systems is so vitally needed.

Guest speaker Joel Salatin has emerged as one of the leading advocates of truly sustainable livestock production systems in the US, and for over 30 years his family have pioneered the development of holistic grazing management; integrated beef, poultry and pork production; and on farm slaughter, processing and direct marketing.

The event will begin with a presentation from Joel, followed by a panel discussion and an audience Q&A. Panelists will include representatives from the farming, health, banking and research sectors, in order to widen the debate and shed light on how we can align future diets with the outputs of truly sustainable production systems.

We are delighted that this event is being sponsored by the Rothschild Foundation and supported by the Pasture Fed Livestock Association and 3LM Land and Livestock Management for Life.

Date: 23rd November 2016

Time: 18:30 – 21:30

Location: Pugsley Lecture Theatre, Queens Building, Bristol University, University Walk, Bristol, BS8 1TR

Tickets can be purchased here.


To get a taster of Joel’s inspirational speeches, watch his talk at our recent conference.

We are delighted that Ridgeview Wine and Vintage Roots will be supplying wine for a small reception following the event.


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