More and more young people are confused about where their food comes from, and as many teenagers prepare to leave home for the first time, it’s important that they are able to cook for themselves. Root Camp offers cookery courses specifically for young people from the ages of 15-21, with the aim of giving students the confidence to be creative in the kitchen.

Root Camp was created ‘out of a feeling of panic,’ by Cassia Kidron, after realising that her teenage son had absolutely no idea how to cook, and he wasn’t the only one… Cassia began teaching groups of teenagers at the weekends, and since then has developed the idea into a new kind of cookery school, aimed specifically at young adults and teenagers.

Unlike other courses, Root Camp links the experience of growing food to that of cooking it, providing students with a thorough knowledge, from sourcing to preparation and of course enjoyment. Students leave the camp with the ability to make more thoughtful decisions about how they feed themselves and others.

Root Campers who take part in the residential courses will live and work together for five days, dividing their time equally between the field and the kitchen. Campers are separated into two groups and while one is in the field the other cooks, and vice versa. Fieldwork can mean any number of activities, including planting, harvesting or weeding, foraging, milking or sausage making, even preserving or apple pressing. Participants also enjoy walks along the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast.

Local artisan producers, such as beekeepers or farmers, are invited to speak in the evenings, giving students a chance to meet the people who produce their food.

These residential courses have also been approved by the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, and so are ideal for those taking their Gold badge. Visit to find out more.

Feature image by Woodleywonderworks

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