When it comes to climate change, agriculture is often called part of the problem. But could it be part of the solution?

Whendee Silver, professor of Environmental Science at UC Berkeley California, knows that we’re on increasingly thin ice as global temperatures rise – we urgently need to reduce our emissions, but reduction alone will not solve the climate crisis. Here, Silver introduces us to the idea of ‘soil carbon sequestration’ a real solution for taking carbon out of the atmosphere and locking it back into the soil. The correct management of the natural carbon cycle, along with large-scale organic re-composting, has huge potential to lock carbon back into the earth, and should be considered the front-line in the fight against global warming. Grass lands are carbon sinks, with California’s grasslands alone holding 30 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. Although more research is needed before we begin to offset, Silver passionately advocates the role of farmers as the most feasible way to fight climate change.

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