The Sustainable Food Trust Progress Report outlines the development and successes of the SFT over the last eight years. The report was launched on Monday 9th December 2019 at an event kindly hosted by Sir Alan and Lady Parker at the Lincoln Centre, London. We wish to thank all of our supporters and funders who have enabled us to work towards our goal of achieving the transition to more sustainable food systems that is urgently needed.

Patrick Holden thanks supporters

Since the foundation of the SFT in 2011 by Patrick Holden, we have made significant contributions with a number of projects, campaigns, reports, events and collaborative partnerships. In particular, our work on true cost accounting, sustainability metrics and aligning sustainable farming practices with healthy diets has seen real impacts at a global level. Our work informing policy with government, but also with food companies, NGOs and industry bodies, has also contributed crucially to a rising awareness and shift towards sustainability. Our campaign to save local abattoirs has also seen direct collaboration with Defra, the Food Standards Agency and others, resulting in action being taken to address the issues they currently face. Through our conferences, farm visits and other events we also engage with people at all stages, including farmers, consumers, policy makers, scientists, teachers and journalists.

We hope you enjoy reading our report and that, like us, you will feel optimism about the potential for food systems change. We look forward to continuing this work in the coming year and are very grateful for your continued support.

Click here to read our report.

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