Made especially to be presented at the COP21 in Paris, this beautiful short film shows the remarkable benefits of Syntropic Agriculture, a regenerative system developed by farmer and researcher, Ernst Gotsch.

Syntropic Agriculture has been modelled on natural principles and uses soil recovery techniques that through planting methods, mimic the natural regeneration of forests. Gotsch developed these principles and techniques that enable the integration of food production with the natural regeneration of forests.

It is a system that produces its own organic matter through the practice of pruning, which constantly increases the resources available while boosting root activity and encouraging a higher rate of photosynthesis, which leads to more carbon being sequestered.

Life in Syntropy demonstrates how it’s possible to not only restore damaged soil but also create a system that is productive and profitable. As Pedro Diniz, CEO Fazenda da Toca, points out “If we changed our perception and recognised nature as a great ally, a great inspiration, we would really change the way we behave towards the planet.”

Photograph: Hudsön

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