In recent weeks, we’ve been debating the issue of how much meat to eat, in the context of creating more sustainable farming systems that are healthy for both people and the planet. Explore the articles below and join the debate.

Eating meat: A debate

Tom Levitt explores ‘meat-centric’ diets and intensive livestock farming, and argues that unless we take action, it will be the poorest people of the world that will suffer

The fat of the land: Eating red meat

We hear a lot about eating less meat for a healthier planet. We have a slightly different view, as our Policy Director, Richard Young, explains.

FCRN commentary on SFT blog on red meat

Tara Garnett, from the Food Climate Research Network, responds to our blog on why we think the UK needs to eat more, not less red meat.

What meat to eat?

In our on-going series on ‘what meat to eat?’ Richard Young responds in detail to the challenges posed by the Food Climate Research Network

Update on red meat from Tara Garnett

Tara Garnett offers her thoughts on Richard’s response

Livestock: More than meat

Megan Perry continues the meat debate with a focus on the far reaching importance of livestock to our culture, traditions and identity

What role for grazing livestock?

The SFT recently brought together leading scientists, NGOs and industry representatives, to take a fresh look at the issues and evidence around the impacts grazing livestock. Richard Young reflects on the findings of the day

Presentations from our meeting on the role of grazing livestock

You can now watch films of the presentations from our recent meeting on the role of ruminants in farming, featuring leading scientists, NGOs and industry representatives investigating the issues surrounding grazing livestock and how we might produce meat more sustainably

Feature image by Linh Niguyen

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