Greenhorns are an organisation that works to support young farmers across America, aiming to build a thriving agricultural economy, for healthy regions, healthy watersheds, and a healthy farm culture.

Their documentary, The Greenhorns, explores the lives of America’s young farming community. By sharing the stories and experiences of pioneering young farmers, they hope to encourage others to follow their lead. The Director, Severine von Tscharner Fleming, writes, “Young farmers in America face tremendous structural obstacles. They seek access to land, capital, education, and business training. They seek cultural support and open minded consumers. They need reasonable paths to acquiring mechanical equipment and other infrastructures of medium-scale agriculture. Ranging around the country in my filmmaking, I have met hundreds of new and aspiring young farmers. I have found them a powerful, proud and wily subculture. I have found them to be charismatic icons of change, patriots of place, sensible and sensitive stewards of land and resources. They are the creators of a retrofit future, and just in time. We now have the political change. We have reawakened our democratic will and discovered a dilation in the realms of possibility.”

Watch the trailer below, and if you like what you see, visit to purchase a copy of the full documentary or simply discover more about the inspiring work of Greenhorns.

Photograph by Susy Morris

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