The Perennial Plate was founded by Daniel Klein, a former chef who has worked at some of the world’s top restaurants, including The Fat Duck, alongside Heston Blumenthal. Together with Mirra Fine, who is responsible for filming, editing and co-producing the series, they travel the world in search of culinary delights, while also exploring the complex issues and stories that accompany our wider global food system.

Initially beginning in Minnesota, the team then took their camera across the United States. The weekly documentary series covers a whole range of topics, from honey producers in the US to fishermen in Japan. Their educational videos offer an introduction to those around the world who are doing incredible things with food.

Travelling even further afield, the current series documents the duo’s journey across countries that include China, India, Argentina, Italy, Ethiopia and Morocco, to tell the stories behind real food and the people producing it.

Here, we have included a selection of their videos so you can have a taste of what they are all about. To find out more, visit their website at

An American Food Trip The team travel across the US, meeting those who are going back to basics and connecting with the land, demonstrating the positive impact that this can have on health, happiness and well-being.

Two Options Featuring Dr. Vandana Shiva, this video documents the struggle in India to preserve heirloom seeds, in order to give control back to the farmers and allow them to become more self sufficient.

A Tale of Two Rooftops For those of us who live in cities, finding the space to grow delicious fruit and vegetables can be tricky. However, in Beijing and Hong Kong, residents are finding solutions in their rooftops. Proving that even in the most crowded places, you can still find a way.

Photograph by Stevesworldofphotos

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