Energy is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. It is essential in producing the food that we eat and providing us with heat for our homes.

However, there are problems when it comes to the ways in which we generate and use energy, due to our reliance on ever dwindling non-renewable resources, like fossil fuels. Not only are these resources limited, they also cause environmental devastation, leading to climate change.

Further extracting fossil fuels through techniques such as fracking and deep sea drilling, provide us with no long-term solution to our energy problems. We recently heard fracking described as the equivalent to advising the elderly to burn all their furniture in order to keep warm: toasty in the short term, but leaving you out in the cold shortly after. So the question would be, is there another way? Two Energy Futures allows us to see the impacts of a fossil fuelled future in comparison to a cleaner future using renewable energy.

Danny Chivers, the author of the report, writes ‘We’re standing at a crossroads. It’s time for humanity to make a choice. Do we sit back and allow fossil fuel companies and oil-friendly governments to dig, drill and frack us into a dark and dirty future? Or do we stand together with communities around the world to stop these extreme energy projects, and head down a different path into a safer, fairer energy future?’

You can find his report illustrated using interactive infographics at

Photograph by Dave Emerson

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