The Savory Institute has recently launched an online platform to provide support and training for farmers and land managers working in holistic land management.

The Institute’s holistic management techniques were developed by Allan Savory, a farmer and ecologist who established a way of restoring land to health by using livestock. Mimicking the behaviour of wild grazing animals, he devised a method that returned carbon and water to the soil, reversing desertification.

For farmers interested in demonstrating these techniques on their land, the platform incorporates a section on data management that enables them to monitor changes and progress through land mapping, planning materials and advanced data collection for ecological and animal performance indicators. The platform also allows farmers to generate detailed reports and to test and record decisions made on the farm so they can work out what’s working and what isn’t. The platform is available in 11 different languages.

If you are just starting out in holistic farming you can take part in one of five online courses, which are designed to help you master the implementation of the processes unique to holistic management. These include building wealth through holistic financial planning, land planning, planned grazing and ecological monitoring. The learning takes place through online e-books, videos and animations, discussions and assignments.

Savory has made a number of materials available for purchase without signing up as a member, such as templates for monitoring income and expenses and charts for planning and controlling holistic grazing.

A collaborative forum will be added later in the year for sharing resources, ideas, challenges and successes.

Until 30th September, Savory is running a 30-day free trial and offering annual subscriptions at a reduced rate of $499. Join today or start your free trial by visiting

Photograph: RWarrin

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