We believe that sourcing food, which has a good story behind it, is an important endeavour. However, this can often prove difficult, especially in light of our current food systems. We Deliver Taste is a brand new business start-up aiming to change that, by bridging the gap between producer and consumer. Through creating a direct and transparent link, respecting both consumers and producers, everyone can benefit in the production, sales and appreciation of good food.

We Deliver Taste was created by an international team of six young professionals and scientists with a background in gastronomy, agriculture, food and marketing – all driven by the philosophy of the Slow Food movement. The team strongly values sustainability and biocultural diversity, in order to create a good quality of life for both producers and consumers.

Their passion lies in discovering and telling the stories of the best food from the Mediterranean. Driven by an inherent understanding of Mediterranean culture, they believe that everyone should have access to the healthiest, tastiest diet, at a fair price.

Agriculture needs young people, and young people need opportunities. That’s why support for young, innovative, producers from the Mediterranean is so important in supporting them to improve the quality and sustainability of their products, so that they can be more competitive in the international food market.

One of their current projects includes the opportunity to adopt a traditional Balsamic Vinegar barrel set. In return you will become a ‘co-producer,’ communicating directly with the people producing it, and creating a strong bond between the consumer and their food. Best of all, you will also receive some of the most delicious and traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

This innovative and exciting new project will launch at this years Food Film Festival in Amsterdam, which will also include a screening of the award-winning short documentary, Farming on Crisis?, which was produced by their very own Pavlos Georgiadis, co-creator of We Deliver Taste.

If you are interested in supporting this project, visit www.ulule.com/tethys-project/

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