Water is a human right and a public health commodity. But with over 60% of its citizens relying on groundwater supplies and California now into its fifth year of drought, the importance of water resources has never been more paramount. Furthermore, in many farming communities, the small amount of drinking water they have access to, is often polluted to levels above federal legal limits, with consequent health implications that are most acutely felt by pregnant mothers and babies. What can be done to readdress this issue? The session explores the scale of the problem nationwide, and possible mechanisms for reversing this trend –  could a tax on nitrogen be the answer?

Chaired by Peter Lehner, Senior Attorney, Earthjustice. Speakers include Bill Stowe, CEO, Des Moines Water Works, outlining the rational behind the Iowa court case to sue three drainage districts in the state for pollution; Jenny Rempel, Sustainable Agriculture Program Coordinator, Community Water Center, discussing the knock-on impacts of water contamination on low income groups; Hal Candee, Attorney, Altshuler Berzon LLP, explaining the challenges surrounding environmental legislation; and Professor Dennis Baldocchi, UC Berkeley, asking how much should water really cost us?

Click on the following speakers to view their presentation slides for this session: Peter LehnerBill Stowe, Dennis Baldocchi.

Photograph: Pluckytree

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